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Month: December 2013

21st September 2013 – My New Book Has Been Launched

This book of seven lessons is for those who want to teach beginners and need a starting point. It is also useful for beginners themselves. I have taught beginners classes for many years and this book draws on my experiences of how I have seen beginners respond when presented with an entirely new dance form and how sensitive teachers must be in order to gradually introduce the various aspects of Scottish Country Dancing and  keep the interest  of their class going.

There are ideas which both teachers and dancers can draw on: warming up and cooling down, step practice, progressions , formations and easy dances plus ideas for moving to more difficult dances. Above all have fun!


February 2013 – D&G Oncology

We handed over a cheque to Nurse Liz Rae of the Dumfries and Galloway Oncology Unit. We  raised £200 from a raffle at the Burns Supper dance in Kirkcudbright on January 26th 2013. I am ever grateful for the high quality of care I received from Liz and her colleagues. Thank you.

burns dance + liz rae 005

To Donate to the D&G Oncology Unit, please visit