Dances Inside

  1. By the Way (Reel) (updated)
  2. The Coming of Age (Strathspey)
  3. Horsewells Jig
  4. Heatherbrae (Reel)
  5. A Jig for Rebecca (Jig)
  6. The Lad and his Lass (Reel)
  7. Netherhall (Reel)

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Dances Inside:

  1.  Aldessan
  2. Mrs Staniland’s Strathspey
  3. Renaissance
  4. White Rose and the Yellow Waistcoat
  5. Rossway
  6. We Twa’ Encore
  7. Ye’ll Aye Be Welcome



Dances Inside:

  1. Miss Evelyn Clark (Strathspey)
  2. Frances of Ecclefechan (Jig)
  3. Jamieson’s Fancy (Strathspey)
  4. Jean and Geoff (Reel)
  5. Jean’s Wee Calamity (Strathspey)
  6. Merry Marian (Reel)
  7. Patrick’s Wee Jaunt (Reel)
  8. Wedding in Paradise (Strathspey)



Dances Inside:

  1. A Jig for Rebecca
  2. Aileen’s Schiehallion (Medley)
  3. Bowled a Maiden Over (Jig)
  4. Dillys McMillan’s Strathspey
  5. Donald Mhor(Reel)
  6. Janie of Braemar (Strathspey)
  7. Mrs Warrack’s Strathspey
  8. South Meadows (Strathspey)



A collection of Scottish Country Dances devised by Moira and Keith Stacey. Physical copies available if you email me. Price £1.50. Proceeds to Arthritis Research. Copyright Moira Stacey 2006

Dances Inside:

  1. Fairfield
  2. For Auld Acquaintance
  3. John Gordon
  4. Macdonald’s Hornpipe
  5. McKone’s Hornpipe
  6. Moira’s Jig
  7. The Littles of St Andrews
  8. The Pink Ribbon
  9. Trip to Moscow, A
  10. Twelvesome

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Dances Inside:

  1.  An Cala
  2. Ben Merrick
  3. Dee Walk
  4. Invercaimbe
  5. Galloway Homecoming
  6. Kirkcudbright
  7. Marney’s Wee Jaunt
  8. Meeting and Greeting



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